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About Moira Lennox

Welcome to Moira Lennox Photography

I am a freelance photographer who grew up in South Africa and currently live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have had the good fortune to have traveled to many parts of the world; these richly textured experiences have provided me a wide view of life, shaping the philosophy of my art.

I am invigorated by the process of capturing compelling elements of a story. It is when I am inspired by a pattern or color or motion that I begin to craft a story with my camera. My photographs provide the imagery and space for the viewer to create the full story for themselves.

My passion is capturing the simplicity of a scene while evoking an understanding of the complex relationship of nature and humankind. A love of nature and the mysteries and beauty of the world, above and below the water, provide many of the landscapes for my photos and highlight my commitment to conservation.

I am a technician who brings a distinctive sense of style and elegance to product and food photography. I have the tenacity and patience to seek the best angle, lighting and depth of field. My dedication to technical precision strongly supports my work as a product and food photographer. I have the ability to translate my customer’s vision of their product or subject into a photograph that is visually powerful and provides an eloquence and understanding that reach beyond words.

My work interest/expertise includes:

  • Fine art
  • Product and food photography
  • Documentary
  • Private or group photography workshops
  • Collaborative works
  • Private commissions

Please contact me to purchase a print, discuss the development of product imagery or enhance your technical understanding of the photographic process.

Thank you for visiting my website. It is my hope that my work speaks to you.